Every human life is priceless. Ajjas has saved many. Safeguard your loved ones.

Motorbike Anti Theft &

Accident Alert GPS Device

Ajjas mobile app

Confident enough to leave your bike in an open, unattended area?

Theft Alert
Ajjas device calls you when the engine is switched on. Now bike theft is a thing of past!  Know more

Tired of people fiddling around with your vehicle?

Tamper alert
Ajjas device sends app notification when bike is being tampered or shaken.  Know more

How will your dear ones be notified if you are in an accident?

Accident alert
Ajjas device initiates calls & sends SMS to your 3 emergency contacts when the bike is moving and experiences a fall.  Know more

Who will make you aware if your bike is tipped over?

Fall alert
Ajjas device initiates call and app notification when the bike is parked & experiences a fall.  Know more

Concerned about whether your people reached home safely?

Share Location
Live location share. Share your motorbike's current location & past trips with friends & family.  Know more

Do you know what route you explored today?

Monitor rides
View and analyse past rides with ride trail, duration, start/end location & time, top speed, average speed and maximum lean angle.

Do you know your monthly fuel spending?

Fuel expense
Monitor your Fuel Consumption in the App along with the total spent on fuel!  Know more

How do you share your rides?

3D playback
Re-live the journey and enjoy it with the 3D playback feature, also share the video with friends. 

Who would help if you are stranded in the middle of the road?

Ajjas offers Emergency Alert button that will let the other users around you know that YOU NEED HELP! 
Motorbike Accident Detection & Alert

Accident Detection & Alert

When your motorbike is moving and experiences a fall, Ajjas device initiates calls & sends SMS alert to your emergency contacts & intimate them about the accident.

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Motorbike Fall Detection & Alert

Fall Detection & Alert

When your motorbike is parked & experiences a fall, Ajjas device initiates alert and you get a notification in your Ajjas mobile app.

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Motorbike Theft Detection & Alert

Theft Detection & Alert

Ajjas helps you save your motorbike when theft is happening. Ajjas app initiates a call & sends SMS alerts when Ajjas device sensors sense that ignition is switched On.

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Motorbike Tamper Alert

Tamper Alert

Instantly know when motorbike (two wheeler) is being tampered or shaken. In case of any tampering, Ajjas sensors installed in the vehicle sends app notification.

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Share Motorbike Live Location

Share live location

Share your motorbike's current running location & previous trips with friends & family, inbuilt GPS tracker allows to share location.

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Motorbike Fuel Expense Monitoring

Fuel expense monitoring

Track your monthly fuel expense, running average of your vehicle, the number of fuel refills & more.

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Every human life is priceless. Ajjas has saved many. Safeguard your loved ones.

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Fall Alerts

  • In motion fall alert
  • Stationary fall alert

Anti Theft

  • App notification for Ignition on
  • App notification for Ignition off

Tamper alert

  • Motion alert
  • View live motorbike location

Live ride sharing

  • Share motorbike location
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