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Features To Look Out For

Ajjas is more than just a GPS Tracker continuously tracking a bike or car’s location. Accident Alert and Anti-Theft are core features along with Fuel Expense Monitoring, Tamper Alert and Fall Detection Alert aimed at making travelling safer and smarter.

Accident Detection and Alert

Experience absolute freedom from fear of fall. Installed on your vehicle, Ajjas intelligently works to communicate accidents and alerts your 3 friends & family in seconds.

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Fall Detection and Alert

When the motorbike is parked and experiences a fall, Ajjas device initiates alert and notification is sent to Ajjas mobile app.

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Fuel Expense Monitoring

Track monthly fuel expense, running average of vehicle, the number of fuel refills & more.

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Anti-Theft Detection and Alert

Bike, car or any vehicle on which Ajjas is installed, is safe from Theft activities. Instant engine on and off alerts let the rider know if someone tries to turn on the vehicle without permission. In case rider missed the alert, stolen vehicle can still be tracked live from Ajjas mobile app.

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Tamper Alert

Instantly know when the motorbike is being tampered or shaken. In case of any tampering, Ajjas sensors installed in the vehicle send app notification.

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Share Live Location

Share motor vehicle's current running location and previous trips with friends and family, inbuilt GPS tracker allows rider to share location instantly.

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Ajjas is Versatile & Compatible with All Type of Vehicles


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Secure your bike, scooty, activa or any two wheeler from threat of thieves and accidents with Ajjas, a smart GPS tracking device. Tampering of motor vehicle is quite common, Ajjas instantly tells owner through mobile application when anyone tries tampering automobile.


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Ajjas works smoothly on every brand and range of cars. Even in the presence of many security features already present in cars, Ajjas intelligently detects an accident if the car topples up and shares location with 3 emergency contact numbers apart from regularly tracking, sharing and storing daily rides.


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Track daily rides, kilometers travelled, duration of rides, fuel consumption, average speed, and top speed of auto-rickshaw when Ajjas is installed on it. Not only yours but also track same details of all other three wheelers when given on rent to someone else.


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Ajjas in trucks are mostly used for commercial purposes. No wire cut installation makes it simple to install and more like a plug and play feature. Manage and track live location, previous rides of any month, and fuel expenses for all vehicles on which Ajjas is installed in one free mobile application and easy to use interface.

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Fall Alerts

  • In motion fall alert
  • Stationary fall alert

Anti Theft

  • App notification for Ignition on
  • App notification for Ignition off

Tamper Alert

  • Vibration alert
  • Motion alert
  • View live location

Live ride sharing

  • Share motorbike location
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Free Delivery

  • FREE H/w + inbuilt SIM with active data plan
  • Share completed rides (One/day)
  • Add upto 5 Ajjas device in one App
  • 2 people can login at a time
  • 12 months replacement warranty


Best Value Plan

Free Delivery

  • FREE H/w + inbuilt SIM with active data plan
  • Share completed rides (Unlimited)
  • Add upto 10 Ajjas device in one App
  • 4 people can login at a time
  • 24 months replacement warranty
  • Ride stats includes Top Speed
  • PA Insurance (Get Rs 5 Lacs Cover)
  • Roadside Assistance (Worth ₹500)


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