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Ajjas Lite GPS Tracker:
Best Anti-Theft Smart
GPS Device


What makes Ajjas Lite Smart GPS Tracker Unique?

Ensure the ultimate safety of your vehicle by
having access to remotely control your vehicle.

Ajjas lite Device: Track Live Location

Track Live Location 24x7

Stay informed and secure with Ajjas Wired
Device. Constant live vehicle location access
for peace of mind.

Ajjas lite Device: Get Ignition Alerts

Ignition ON/OFF

Stay vigilant with instant notifications for
ignition ON/OFF activity. Detect unauthorized
use swiftly.

Ajjas lite Device: Get Safe Zone Alerts / Get Geo-fence Alerts

Get Your Bike's Safe Zone Alerts

Stay one step ahead with personalized safe zones for your vehicles. Get instant alerts for any movement in or out.

Ajjas lite Device: Get Accident Alerts

Remote Engine Lock & Unlock

Lock & Unlock your vehicle's engine with just a tap of a button on your Ajjas app, Ensuring ultimate safety of your vehicle.

Ajjas lite Device: See 3D Location History

3D Location history

Track effortlessly with our reliable Wired
device. Stay connected with interactive 3D
location history.

Use Cases

Multiple Vehicle - One

Ensure protection of your bike, car, scooty
and other vehicles

Ajjas Lite Device: Track your Bike / Locate your Bike

Seamlessly shield and locate
your Treasured Bike

Ajjas Lite Device: Track your Car / Locate your Car

Effortlessly protect and track
your Beloved Car

Ajjas Lite Device: Track your Scooty / Locate your Scooty

Safeguard and seamlessly
track your Cherished Scooty

Ajjas Lite Device: Track your Truck / Locate your Truck

Effortlessly track and
Safeguard your Powerful Truck

Ajjas Lite Device: Track your Tractor / Locate your Tractor

Effortlessly secure and track
your Essential Tractor

Here's what our customer
say about AJJAS!

Well Built

A sturdy GPS tracker ensures reliable safety for bikes

Fuel Logs

Effortlessly track bike fuel consumption without manual input.

Up to 1 Year warranty

Enjoy 1-year free on-door replacement warranty with no questions asked.

Ajjas Lite made for
your safety

Features Ajjas Lite
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Device + in-built Airtel/Vodafone SIM

ajjas lite in-built airtel sim
ajjas lite live tracking

Live Tracking

ajjas lite live tracking
ajjas lite statistics


ajjas lite statistics
ajjas lite ride playback

Ride Playback

ajjas lite ride playback
ajjas lite fuel logs

Fuel Logs

ajjas lite fuel logs

Remote engine Off

ajjas lite portable

Ignition On/Off alert

ajjas lite voice monitoring
ajjas lite speed alert

Over-Speed alert

ajjas lite speed alert
ajjas lite geo fence alert

Geo-fence alert

ajjas lite geo fence alert
ajjas lite subscription plans

Ajjas Smart GPS IoT

12 Month Plan


Advantages of purchasing from Ajjas website

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Ajjas Lite Device: Get Help / Customer Support / Ajjas Help

Customer Support

1 hour response TAT 24 hour response TAT
Ajjas Lite Device: Return Ajjas, Easy Returns, 7 Day Return, Try Demo

Return Policy

Up to 7 Days N/A
Ajjas Lite Device: Free Warranty, Ajjas Device Warranty, Free App, Free Warranty, Buy Now

Replacement warranty

Up to 1 Year 7 Days

5 Reason Why You Should Have Wired GPS Tracker

Ensure Safety and Security

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A GPS tracker for bikes, commonly referred to as a tracking device for bikes, gives users peace of mind by enabling them to keep an eye on their bikes in congested areas like highways or cities. Using the tracking device, users can locate their vehicle in the crowd with effortlessness, assuring their safety and minimizing the whereabouts of their bike in real-time. With a dependable GPS tracker, it allows for quick and precise tracking, ensuring their security and safety.

Stay connected and informed

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

Users can keep track of their bike's location and get real-time updates with a GPS tracker for bikes. Knowing where they are, whether at work or at home, gives one a sense of security and enables quick action if needed. Utilise reliable vehicle monitoring devices to stay informed and connected.

Geo-Fence Alerts for Boundaries

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

Users using GPS bike trackers can create geo-fences, or virtual boundaries. Users receive immediate notification when the bike enters or exits these specified safe zones, ensuring that they are informed of the movements and wellbeing of their bike. With a special GPS tracker for bikes, you can define boundaries and get geo-fence notifications.

Peace of Mind in Crowded Places

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

A GPS tracker for bikes provides security in crowded places like city streets or highways. Using the tracking device, users can easily find their bike in the crowd, ensuring their safety while minimising anxiety.

Encourage exploration and confidence.

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

A GPS tracker for bikes promotes exploration and confidence. It promotes independence and fosters trust in the capability of bikes to travel safely by giving them the flexibility to explore their surroundings while giving users the opportunity to track their location.

Stay connected with your Vehicle 24x7

Buy Ajjas wired GPS Tracker now

Why is Ajjas Lite the
best GPS Tracker?

User-Friendly App for GPS Tracking

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

Ajjas Lite Device comes with a user-friendly app that makes GPS tracking a breeze. The intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly monitor the location of their vehicle, ensuring their safety and well-being. With just a few taps on the app, users can stay connected and informed about their vehicle's whereabouts, providing peace of mind.

Unparalleled Location Accuracy

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

This advanced GPS tracker provides accurate tracking for vehicles. This GPS tracking device for vehicles provides reliable and real-time location updates with unmatched precision, ensuring the safety of vehicles.

Premium Mobile Application

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

Our Premium Mobile Application takes your experience to the next level, offering a wide range of exclusive features and enhanced functionality.

Exceptional Customer Support

Ajjas Lite Device: Arrow Up Icon

You can rely on their exceptional customer support for this top-notch tracking device designed specifically as a tracker for vehicles. Our knowledgeable and responsive team is readily available to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for bike users using this tracking device.

Please check all the details carefully before proceeding!