"Advantages of using Two wheeler GPS Tracker"

Over the years, death due to road accidents has become increasingly prevalent. Let’s examine one particular case -

Incident Report
On December 2017, we read of an incident where 3 people in Rajasthan died in a Two Wheeler accident.

You must be thinking “Why would such a thing happen? Surely, someone must have called for an ambulance or helped out in some way?”
Sadly, help was not provided in this particular case because, bystanders stood around the three people bleeding out on the road and were busy clicking selfies and taking a video of their last moments. How apathetic and morbid must people be to act in such a way when people are dying right in front of them.

The question that pops up is - “Could this have been avoided?”
While the government is making inroads in the direction of making people react in a timely manner, it is also incredibly obvious that not everyone can trust that it will work and that people will get you the help you need, as witnessed by the incident in Rajasthan.
Ultimately, it is only you who can without a doubt help yourself and you cannot always trust others to be accountable and act charitably towards you.

One of the ways to solve this dilemma is by installing a GPS Tracker and Accident/Fall Alert Device.
Ajjas is an Internet Of Things based safety electronic device that enables Two wheeler riders to ride safe and secure. You can monitor your rides, and even share them with your friends and family. It offers absolute freedom from fear of fall or theft.

When your motorbike is in motion or in stationary state and experiences a fall, Ajjas initiates calls to the programmed emergency contacts and to your connected number respectively. The App and SMS alerts are triggered by Ajjas device sensors when vehicle ignition is switched ON or OFF using the key. Finally, in cases of any tampering, Ajjas sensors installed on the Two wheeler sends notification via app.

Just as there is increasing apathy, there is also an increase in the efforts towards safeguarding lives in ways that ensure the responsibility lies squarely in your hands. Don’t risk your life by second-guessing the options provided to you and be responsible towards things that matter most!