"Why should you install the Ajjas GPS Tracker on your Motorbike?"

To understand the reason of why you should install the Ajjas Device, you first need to look into IoT (Internet of Things), due to which Ajjas primarily works.

In the current age with IoT, it is possible to make physical objects deliver data which can be used to access information related to that object.
In simple terms, with the help of an IoT device embedded in a chair, one can remotely know if the chair is occupied or find out a free space in the parking lot before entering the premises. Based on these simple examples, one can contemplate the applications of this technology on a large scale.

On a Technical Perspective

An IoT device embedded in a vehicle will provide real-time data to the customer. Data regarding the state of various parts, detection of a failure, warning signs like speed warnings or proximity levels, will be provided. This data will help in reducing the chances of accidents to a great extent.

On a Personal Front

In case of Accidents: Ajjas hardware detects the accident and it communicates to our servers. Our server initiates call to the guardians/emergency contacts of the victim. Guardian and hospital interact with each other and medical help is sent to the victim by the hospital. Additionally, the people near the victim also get to see the name and contact details of the guardians of the victim on the mobile phone of the victim even if it is locked. They can interact with the guardian and can facilitate medical help.

In case of Thefts: Ajjas hardware sends the relevant information to Ajjas servers and server relays the information to the owner. And the owner can track the MotorBike through the Ajjas app and can contact someone closer to the location and recover the vehicle.

On the Factual Side

From its inception, Ajjas’ recorded numbers till date are -

Ajjas Kms clocked: 38,50,000 kms
No. of rides recorded: 16,13,536
No. of rides when a critical accident happened: 154
No. of lives saved: 29
No. of thefts prevented: 49

At the end of the day, the facts speak for themselves..
The world is developing rapidly on the technological front and the focus for the most part, is on human safety. You can trust in that if nothing else.