Motorbike Accident Detection & Alert

Motorbike Accident Alert

Motorbike Accident Alert by Ajjas GPS Tracker avoids all the accidental dilemmas. The Accident alert has 2 features i.e. In-Motion Fall Alert & Stationary Fall Alert. In-Motion Fall Alert is a feature which detects a motorbike fall while it’s in motion through its GPS sensors and it communicates the fall location, time and date to 3 emergency contact numbers stored in the App. While in Stationary Fall Alert the user receives SMS, Call and In-App-Notification when the motorbike experiences a fall when it is parked.

Motorbike Accident Detection & Alert
Motorbike Fall Detection & Alert

Fall Detection & Alert

When your motorbike is parked & experiences a fall, Ajjas device initiates alert and you get a notification in your Ajjas mobile app.

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Motorbike Theft Detection & Alert

Theft Detection & Alert

Ajjas helps you save your motorbike when theft is happening. Ajjas app initiates a call & sends SMS alerts when Ajjas device sensors sense that ignition is switched On.

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Motorbike Tamper Alert

Tamper Alert

Instantly know when motorbike is being tampered or shaken. In case of any tampering, Ajjas sensors installed in the vehicle sends app notification.

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Share Motorbike Live Location

Share live location

Share your motorbike's current running location & previous trips with friends & family, inbuilt GPS tracker allows to share location.

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Motorbike Fuel Expense Monitoring

Fuel expense monitoring

Track your monthly fuel expense, running average of your vehicle, the number of fuel refills & more.

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